We are the company with the most advanced, yet elegantly simple, approach to Controlled Drug Delivery.
Our novel, patented technology is superior to any competing technology.

Welcome to Crown Marketing Pharmaceuticals, home of a revolutionary – yet surprisingly simple – solution for Controlled Drug Delivery. Our patented and scientifically-proven technology aims not only to improve the safety and pharmacokinetics of controlled-release medication, but also to streamline the manufacturing process for existing facilities without significant upgrade investment.

Current CDDT processes, despite continual improvements, still rely on dissolvable coatings or hydrophilic matrix processes to deliver medication over a period of time. Coatings are only effective when they remain intact, causing a potential risk to the patient when cracks or breaks occur in a pill. Hydrophilic matrices, though more effective than traditional coatings, are created from an estimation of stomach acids and other fluids to break down the matrix, and their effectiveness is entirely dependent on each patient’s body matching these same estimates. Because no two patients are the same, even the most advanced time-release medications can cause potential spikes of toxicity or decreased bioavailability in different patients.

Crown Marketing Pharmaceuticals seeks to change that process entirely, providing for a more sustained and sustainable release of medication in each individual patient through our patented technology. Our process allows for the potential of a true 24-hour sustained-release product without the excessive overhead of chemical remanufacturing for matrix process medications, and without the risks associated with cracked or broken pill coatings.

A Pioneer in CDDT

Poised to become one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industry, Crown Marketing Pharmaceuticals' technology allows for greater cost efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

Meet Our Team

The Crown Marketing Pharmaceuticals management team is headed by seasoned CEO Learned Hand, and is supported by a strong Scientific Advisory Board.

CDDT - A New Approach

Controlled Drug Delivery Technology (CDDT) presents a new approach to controlled-release medication through harnessing the principals of Chaos Theory and chemical potentials.